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We have an order that needs some shipped to a customer and some to stay in inventory.
But when we go and invoice and ship just 1 it doesn’t keep the rest in our stock inventory.
Order # 319.1


I’m taking a look at that order, and since it’s set as a build order, I would expect that after you do a partial shipment, the rest of the parts would stay associated with that build order, rather than becoming part of your stock inventory. Am I missing something here? Can you walk me through the steps you took and what you’re expecting to see here?

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It is a build order.
Sometimes we make 10 parts and we only ship say 6 of them and keep the 4 stock in stock till our customer requests for the 4. Basically, we overbuild and keep some in stock How do we go about shipping some and keeping some in stock?

Another thing is when you create an outsource PO it doesn’t seem to subtract what is being outsourced from what you have QOH
example: If i QOO is 3 and outsource is 2. In cetec it says QOO is 3
i would think QOO is 1 and outsource is 2 till they come back from outsource and the QOO will change to 3 after you receive it


In answer to your original question, here’s a tutorial I just created to walk you through it. Would you be willing to copy the second question you added later onto a new thread? I think you’ll get a quicker response.

More info:

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“Tutorial does not exist” comes up when i click on that.

I apologize. Use this link:

thank you!

Happy to help!