CalcuQuote not working in the quote?

So when we went to use CalcuQuote this morning in a Quote, it gives me this screen which does not have the button to “Get Pricing”. ?? It worked yesterday fine and it still works inside the part number level, so not sure what we are not doing right in the quote. Let me know.


You shouldn’t need to click any button on that screen… it should just load automatically for you.

Possibly it’s just never successfully loading for you. That appears to be the case when we test this on that particular quote costing sheet.

We will chase this further for you and let you know what’s going on.



The issue is the MMM60-1" part. Calcuquote is having a hard time reading the ".

Our engineering team has made a fix for this and when it passes testing it should be in your environment hopefully before the end of the week.

You could remove the part and get pricing then readd the part after you have gotten the pricing for all of the other parts. You could also get pricing for that part by using the calcuquote pricing inside of the part record. You should be able to overwrite the part name there.


Thanks guys! That makes sense and I made my team aware. Let me know when it is fixed.