California Tax Requirements

Hello there. For California Tax Compliance we have to provide out of state commerce numbers. When I print out the Invoices for a quarter is there anyway we can add the ship to address to this report to include the state? Is there another report I can run for quarterly invoices for out of state purchases?

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Hi, Kris,

I wanted to make sure I know whether you’re asking about sales or purchasing. Sorry if I’m just not understanding well!

You probably already know some of this, but if it’s sales invoices you’re concerned with, on the Invoice List (Sales > Invoices > Invoice List), you can click +/- Columns


and make sure that the “Show?” button is selected next to “Ship State”. This will allow the Invoice List report to include a column showing the customer’s state.

If you’re wanting a report for out of state purchases you’ve made, I’m going to need to do some more digging. Let me know which one it is and we’ll go from there!

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Thank you so much! Not sure why I didn’t check that before. Brain fart.

Thank you again!

Hahaha! Glad to help.

Enjoy your day!
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