Can Cetec reflect adjustments in WIP as product passes/fail

Looking to understand “if” Cetec can do the following:

  • Item qty on W/O starts at 1 wafer (think semiconductor wafer)
  • Wafer yield at one step in WIP = 75%
  • Wafer yield at next step in WIP = 50%
  • Wafer yield at next step in WIP = 25%

Is there a way to capture that type of information easily in Cetec?
Thank you

Hey @mark.ritz

Welcome to the community forum!

As far as the information you’re looking for on ‘if’ Cetec can do what you’re asking about - let me coordinate with the team internally and see if we have something that would work for you. I’ll get back to you with an update on this as soon as I can.

Cetec ERP Support

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