Cancel Receipt after qty is deleted

PO# 6258.1 has 3 receipts that need to be cancelled but it is not allowing me to cancel the receipts because the stock is deleted. How can this be corrected?

Hello Jennifer,
I am looking into this and will get back with you as soon as possible.
CETEC ERP Customer Support

While you can’t cancel those receipts after the Inventory adjustment, you should be able to re-open the PO and add a new line to allow you to receive again. Try this on this PO and let us know if you encounter any unexpected issues or if it works for you as expected.

(Not sure if this is what happened on those receipts but in case it helps in future, users should avoid adjusting inventory to mimic a cancelled receipt…better to just cancel the receipt.)

CETEC ERP Customer Support

There has to be a way to un-do the deletion of this inventory. All reports will be off now since it says we have received more than we really have.


There unfortunately isn’t a way to bring back the inventory once it has been deleted. An inventory adjustment for a receipt causes the inventory to be erased. I can get a quote from engineering to cancel that receipt but it isn’t advised to delete inventory to cancel a receipt. It is best to just cancel the receipt because any adjustments to that receipt that remove inventory makes the receipt have no qty to cancel against.

Let me know if you would like that quote.


Cetec ERP Support

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