Canceled checks causing duplicate GL entries

All of a sudden I started seeing canceled checks/payments on my Account Reconciliation in the deposit section. When I went to the ledger for the payment, it showed it canceled and then the payment, but if you go into the entry it only shows the payment and the cancellation is in the history. I tried to update to fix it and it gives me this error:

Entry Update Failed! {UNKNOWN}: Another entry already active! at lib/Cetec/Reboot/Schema/Result/ line 237

Because we had an entire check/payment series canceled this is causing a huge problem on my GL. Please advise how I can fix this.



This is a known issue we’re working on urgently. We’ll follow up with you on this thread and let you know once we have a fix.

Appreciate your patience, apologies for this issue.


Hi Kelly,
Thank you for discussing this with us last week at ERPalooza!
The fix is a part of our 4.0 release and will be out in the next couple of weeks.