Cannot complete job into stock

Hi, trying to complete line 2 of this job but we get the message
" Error: Invoice Creation Failed: Prcpart (****) has serials picked, can not scale relief quantity."

The job has all parts picked and we’re trying to complete the full quantity, I’ve tried changing Ship Type to Line Complete but the error still persists


Hi @msummers,

Thanks for contacting us about this. We’ll have to have our engineering team look in to what’s causing you to receive that error. We’ll get this over to them, and get back to you about it ASAP.

Cetec ERP Support

@msummers It looks like the problem is that some Components are serialized, but not picked to the qty specified on the Order BOM.

To fix this, Components 5 & 6 (AEPLPD00292-S3-5 & AEPLPD00292-S3-6) need to be adjusted.

The steps to follow are:

  • Unpick the components in question on the Order Temp BOM: [cetec ULR]/otd/order/9612/pick_parts
  • Adjust the Order Temp BOM to reflect the correct Qty Per Top: [cetec ULR]/otd/order/9612/tempbom
  • Repick those components to match the Qty Per Top Specified: [cetec ULR]/otd/order/9612/pick_parts

Then you can proceed with Invoicing! Note that for serialized components, the Qty Picked needs to match the Temp BOM Qty specified.

Let us know if you have other problems with it, or need further assistance here.

Thanks,Cetec ERP