Cannot make partial shipment - Receiving Error

Order will not ship…

Hi Jennifer,

Can I get the order number or URL for the order that will not ship?

Thank you,
Cetec ERP Support

Hi Jennifer,

If you are partially shipping a piece of serialized inventory you will likely encounter this error. Cetec wants to use the entire piece to maintain accurate traceability when working with serialized material. Can you provide an order number I could look into to see if that’s the case here or if something else is going on?

Thank you for your help in resolving this matter,
Cetec ERP Support

15888.1 is the order number.

Any update on this?

We have another order with the same issue. What is the fix???
Order # 16702.1

Hi Jennifer,

There was a bug afflicting your production that was discovered last week. I got in touch with engineering and they deployed this fix. If you try again now you should be able to proceed.

If you run into this again or it doesn’t work for you please reach out again.


Cetec ERP Support

Thank you! Seems to have corrected the issue.