Cannot remove Credit Hold warning

I placed a customer on credit hold. They paid up. I edited customer and selected #3 - Good. However, on the top left corner, I still get an orange warning stating customer is still on credit hold AND we are not able to invoice that customer.


Please help me get them off credit hold.

Thank you,



The reason this customer is on credit hold is because you have credit hold at days set on NET 30. Since there are invoices that are overdue by 60 days on NET 30 for that customer it is placing them on hold. This Credit hold at days is set on the data maintenance table: Cetec ERP

You can either change that or go into their orders on the edit screen and under accounting check the ignore credit hold check box. That will allow you to invoice while the customer is still on credit hold. You will need someone with accounting or admin permissions to change that.

Please let me know if you have more questions.


Cetec ERP Support