Can't Invoice due to Time/Date Error


Having problems trying to invoice orders.
I can Pick the order fine but when we click on the “Create Invoice” button the following error occurs…

Error: Invoice Creation Failed: {UNKNOWN}: Invalid local time for date in time zone: America/Chicago at lib/Cetec/Reboot/Schema/ResultSet/ line 1253

Any Ideas???

Nothing specific comes to mind, but we’d be happy to investigate further for you.

Can you provide us an example of an order where you’re having this issue? Or is it happening on every order you try to invoice?

It was happening on Every Order.
This has now seemed to have rectified itself and we are now able to ship.
For reference, the error was occurring on all users, not just a single one.


Glad it seems to be working now, and appreciate the diligence on checking with other users.
Please let us know if you have any problems in the future when invoicing, and we’ll try to monitor more closely to shorten that downtime for you.