Can't Uninvoice Order

We have performed a receiving of a product ( PRTLH-185-2PS-4 ) after receiving the order the invoice is generated but the inventory is not added. Then we investigated on our end and we found out that the outsource PO was supposed to be of service that the vendor provided but due to some negligence of the production In-charge the Outsource PO was of PRT.
The system is not allowing us to cancel the invoice generated and there is an error pop up which states that the inventory is set to zero and invoice cannot be cancelled.

Kindly uninvoice this order (order # 3815.1-6) or provide us with a solution.

Rana Muneeb


We are looking into this issue right now and will get back to you with an update as soon as we can.

Cetec ERP Support


As background, with an “internal build to stock” work order, there is a “behind the scenes” internal PO that gets automatically received when you “complete/receive” an internal build-to-stock work order.

The issue here is that there was no internal PO linked to build-to-stock work order 3815.1, therefore no inventory was automatically received. It actually has nothing to do with the linked outsource PO at all.

Do you know why there was no internal PO automatically linked? It looks like for some reason the internal PO (Cetec ERP) was closed/deleted, therefore the complete/receive function had nothing to receive against.

To move forward, you may want to simply inventory adjust (increase) Qty 20000 of part PRTLH-185-2PS-4 at the proper cost, and reference in the bin location name the name of the invoice 3815.1-3 to maintain reference of traceability.