Capture history of part defects when product returned on RMA

Question #1 when we get an RMA of an assembly back from a customer, and there is a bad component (that is serialized) , how do I select that bad component and replace it with a new component as part of the re-work order in the RMA Process? We’d like to maintain traceability here and show that one part was replaced with another. I’m familiar with adding components (per the BOM Management page), but not sure how to “Remove” component from an already built assembly…

Question #2. When we get these defective/damage serialized parts back, is there any way we can report on the history of these parts based on PO? We’d like to know if there is a trend in defects dependent on PO.

These questions stem from a top level trending of vendor quality based at the PO level. I feel like the PO Receipt page has lots of good info as to where the parts go when sold. For example, I really like the section Customer/Final Shipments from this receipt. (…/purchaseorderreceipt/1961/view).

It would be nice to have a section on this page where any NCR/ECO/RMA’s are associated with any of these serialized parts…

Hello Regis,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. On your first question there is no method to ‘Replace’ a component from an already existing assembly on an RMA. The RMA assembly can not be broken down into the individual components that made it. You can only add components to the RMA assembly.

On your second question, we will have to take a little more of a look at this and can get back to you. This sounds like a logical request to have on the ‘tracability’ side of the system displaying RMA information. Once we get more information on this we will relay the update to you.

Related to Q #1: What if we wanted to create a WO to “rebuild/Fix” the faulty component that was replaced on the top level assembly? How would I best handle this situation?


To Rebuld/fix an RMA’d component you would create an internal work order to build the assembly. Then you will want to modify the TEMP BOM to be the components needed for this repair job. When going about serializing this component you will have a different serial number from the original component used for the initial build. Another issue that can come from ‘Rebuilding’ component assemblies like this is that the ‘Cost’ of that assembly will not reflect the actual labor and material cost it should have.

On Question #2: Where are you wanting to report the defective/damaged serialized part the NCR, ECO, or RMA? On an NCR there isn’t any current capacity to do this in Cetec but it may be possible to tie to a serialized part like they do with RMAs.

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