CAR Module - population

How are you using the CAR module? Do most users use the 8D pre-populated boxes or do you use the Add Action and self populate?

Ideally, it would be great to have Cetec pre-populate Add Actions for CAR and PAR (for CIRS Finding Corrections) to meet the ISO requirements.


I’m also interested in this topic, to see how others are using the CAR Process. We’re just manually populating everything as needed.

I was using 8D to populate but got auditor feedback that verification (effectiveness check) was not clearly documented. I stopped using 8D and moved to listing the elements in the Actions Taken with 1 being Effectiveness Check. Takes some time to populate the 7 elements so others can do add the data. With only 1 update button at time, the scrolling makes for soar fingers :slight_smile:

Yes, looking to hear how other are handling this or if CETEC can improve.

I posted on another similar thread to @NachJo that we handle our CAR verification in the following way…

After we close a CAR the effectiveness is reviewed at our next Management Team meeting. We have handled this by using the Resolutions. So our options here are

  • Action Items Assigned - Waiting for Completion
  • Closed - all action items completed
  • Effectiveness Verified by Management.

It allows us to filter out all of the Corrective Actions in each category. You can add the details in the Resolution Comments as to when the check (verification) was completed, who verified it, etc. You can have both fields displayed up as columns when you search so you can show your auditor that you are tracking that stage of the process and the details of the check. We just finished our Recertification Audit and we were able to show proof that we completed our effectiveness check using this method.

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Thank you for your feedback. Still working this module and have another question…How do you use Actions Taken Type ? Can they be set to populate the Name Field automatically? How do you use name vs the actions taken fields? Since the Action Taken is controlled (a must have) is it used in other locations or reports?

Would love to see last activity on the open list…

For us, we use the Action Type to reflect Action vs. Containment Action (those are the only 2 types we have set up for now). We use the name field to reflect a high level category (such as Training, Work Instructions, Tooling, etc.). Here’s an example of one of our action items:

I like it! Simple!