Cash Flow Report Multiplier Issue

We have mapped the cash flow reports with the related account heads.But with changes of period when the amount increases or decreases we have to change the multiplier of relative account head every time to tally the cash flow. There should be an option of consistency in multiplier effect or cash flow report that after proper mapping of cash flow we should not have to change the multiplier every time. Kindly resolve this problem and give us chance to thanks.

Muhammad Mubashar Rauf

@Mubashar You should be able to set the multiplier on the account edit page, and the edit should carry over instead of you having to change it multiple times: How To Setup Statement of Cash Flows Financial Reporting

Can you elaborate further on why you’re changing it back and forth?

I set the multiplier through the account edit page. But my question is that when we extract report for different financial years or different financial period and when in one financial period let say if receivable increases than we have to allocate multiplier according to this and if in next period if receivable decreases as compare to previous period we have to change multiplier accordingly.The issue of multiplier arises when we compare the cash flow of different financial periods. My request is that when we set mapping of cash flow than it should be constant for different financial period and we should not have to change multiplier every time. Thanks

We’re looking in to this for you, and will get back with an update as soon as we can.
Cetec ERP Support

@Mubashar after some review with our accounting consultants, it appears there may be some issues with your account setup. But, before we can provide any specific suggestions, we’re wondering if you can provide us a bit more information.

  • Can you verify that the report you’re viewing where the multiplier is being used to affect the displayed values is the Statement of Cash Flows? We want to first ensure that we’re talking about the same report.
  • Which changes on the report are you seeing that are prompting you to edit the multiplier? Can you provide specific date ranges for comparison, so we can see exactly what you mean when you’re referencing the increases and decreases? URLs would be helpful, feel free to send us a direct message if you don’t want to post those here.