Change All Lines Quote Function Not working/ Help Bar Missing

Hello, I am having trouble with the change all lines function in my CETEC environment. It is not allowing me to discount all lines, also updating quantities and ship dates function only works intermittently. Any help would be appreciated.

I am also having trouble locating the Help Tab. I has also disappeared from my environment.


Good Afternoon,

I’ve done some testing here on this feature and have an update for you Joe. Regarding the ‘Add/Edit Discount To All Lines’ feature that you’re using… specifically regarding the override all field where you input the discount percentage… you need to first add the discounts to your quote lines.

  • Each quote line on the quote that you linked has an ‘Add’ hyperlink to the far right of each line. You’ll need to click that ‘Add’ discount hyperlink to first add the discount.

  • Then at that point you can use the ‘override all’ feature to override the discounts for all of your quote lines. The override feature only overrides quote lines with discounts that are in place already. If there aren’t discounts to ‘override’ using that feature it won’t override anything.

Try clicking the ‘Add’ hyperlink on your quote lines, then going up to the ‘Change All Lines’ feature, and finally inputting a percentage into the (override all) field and clicking Set. That should then override your quote line discounts across all your quote lines.

Regarding your question about the help tab, we recently made an update that hides that from Lite support customers. Using it as Lite support would only generate an auto-reply email directing you here to the forum anyway, and all of our other documentation and support resources are readily available on our site at

Cetec ERP Support