Changing system generate customer ID's

I probably already know the answer to this but I said I would ask anyway.

When we create a new customer the system assigns a customer ID. Is there a way to edit this ID manually? I ask because we would export the data into xls or csv to import into a different system at our headquarters and the ID’s need to match for this to happen.

On that same note, does the system assign “sub-id numbers” to each of the billing and shipping addresses for a customer and how can I find those numbers?

Hi Steven!

Thank you for reaching out to us on this! There is a field for this on the customer record called External Key. You can place the customer ID for you internal system there. Alternatively if you’re already using the field it’s also possible to add bonus columns to any object.

Let me know if any that will work for you.


Great! We currently are not using that external key field so that is good to know. And I see it can be exported into Excel.

Because there is no external key reference for the customers addresses, how would I go about adding a bonus column or miscellaneous field to the address types? And would we be able to export that bonus column or field into Excel as well?

@spilkington - Unfortunately this is not currently supported for Customer Address records.

Is there anything else we can do to help you here?

As for the address types since there usually are only a handful you can handle decoding that in excel… i.e. lookup for type A and recode that as type 1 in you target system.