Charge stock order not allowing to edit resale

I have a stock order (charge) that was created in December 2020.
The employees have added labor to the order and now it is time to invoice the customer.
We need to revise the resale amount due to a price increase on the work but Cetec will not allow me to edit the resale or the ship date and throws a popup error of " Order Update Failed: No part Found:"
This same issue happened on an order recently when trying to change the date. It seems like we have been able to adjust charge orders before with no issues so i am not sure what we are doing wrong.

Please let me know if we are doing something incorrectly?


Thank you!

Hi Nate,

Hmmm, this is odd. I’m not finding this part in the active or inactive list. Not sure how that happened

You can create the part (TOL-9.625 COLLAR DIE) and it will likely become associated to that open order. Thus, giving you the ability to edit that order.

Let me know if that works for you!

Good morning,
We seem to still be seeing the same sort of issues with charge orders only but also when trying to invoice them. I originally thought that this might be an issue with old charge orders but it seems to not be the case. When we try to invoice we get an error sometimes “No part found” and today we are getting "cant call method “non-inventory”… 3897. Generally the only way I can get an invoice created in these cases is to create the same part number similar to your previous response and then edit the order to that part number but we then loose the cost data for some reason.
Are we doing something incorrectly when creating charge orders?
Thank you in advance!