Chart of Accounts

How can we inactive an accounts which has some values in it. For example we have an account with the name of sales and account number is 100 and it shows value of 3000 and i devise new chart of account with account name SALES and account number 1000 and shows value of 5000.How can i inactive or merge the old chart of accounts into new chart of accounts.


You can create a manual ledger entry, see how here -

That will enable you to “credit” (i.e. remove) all of the $ amount (e.g. 3000) out of account 100, and “debit” (i.e. put it into) the $ amount 3000 into account 1000.

In your example, after a manual ledger entry like that, you would end up with $0.00 in account 100 and $8000 ($5000 + $3000) in account 1000.

Then, because there will be $0.00 in account 100, you will then be allowed to delete account 100.

Let us know if this makes sense or if you have any further questions.