Chat feature

Any possibility of incorporating a chat feature to Cetec ERP?

I think this is a great idea - would make it much easier to communicate new orders to material handlers/pickers without having to hunt them down on the shop floor!

@spilkington, @kroberts, you may or may not be surprised to hear that this request gets made somewhat frequently.

Fun Cetec history for you, there was a version of Cetec years ago that had a built-in messaging feature. It was somewhat rudimentary compared to other messaging systems, caused performance issues on some screens, and it turned out that almost none of our customers actually made use of it. So much so that we removed it from the system and decided that it didn’t make sense for us to have our own messaging in-app.

There are tons of other companies that do messaging really well (Slack, Google hangouts, MS teams, etc), and most organizations already have some system outside of Cetec they’re already using for this. For the foreseeable future, our recommendation will be to look in to using of those for your inter-company communications.

Thank you but I was really referring to a chat feature for Cetec technical support.

Ah, gotcha. thanks for clarifying.

That’s a good suggestion, we’ll definitely let our management team know. I wouldn’t expect to see that option in the near future, as there are a lot of infrastructure things that would need to be done to facilitate that. But definitely for Enterprise, and possibly even standard support customers, a chat option is worth considering.