Check from Unapplied Cash

I have Unapplied Cash I would like to send back to a customer with a check because of an overpayment. I found this video:

But when I start at the step for making a check from Unapplied Cash, it makes a check for the full amount of that Unapplied Cash entry. I would like to edit the check amount so that I can create a check for a different amount than the full Unapplied Cash amount on that line. Could you please assist with the best way to do that?

This is the customer: Cetec ERP
I would like to create a check for $63,988.00. Thank you! ~Sherri


I looked into this and it looks like you can only issue a check directly from the unapplied cash object for the full amount. You could create a new unapplied cash value and issue the check from there and reduce the amount of the old unapplied cash. Unfortunately this would require you to reopen the deposit for the payment and unreconcile the deposit in order to reopen the payment to change the amount. You can issue a separate check for the amount but it won’t adjust the unapplied cash amount. The only way to get that amount from an unapplied cash object would be to adjust one of the unapplied cash values then create a new unapplied cash for the difference.

Please let me know if you have more questions.


Cetec ERP Support