Child BOM

We have been running into an issue where the system automatically takes RAW material and turns it into a “Child BOM.” When it does this, the material pricing doesn’t transfer to the quote and has caused issues with misquoting if it is overlooked. I haven’t been able to track down when it creates a child BOM. I have gone into the part record and clicked on Remove as BOM but that doesn’t seem to change when it does or does not happen.

Remove as BOM

@theid - that’s really annoying, sorry to hear that.

What is the top-level BOM part number you are quoting?

We’ll take a look into this and see if we can’t reproduce the behavior you’re experiencing, and get back to you ASAP.


The most recent part number that I am having an issue with is FIG53089693 with the RAW material being RAWUHP05004X10. I had already gone through and removed the child BOM on this one and removed BOM from the part record, so I am not sure this will happen again. I can create a dummy quote with some of the part numbers that may be experiencing it to see if I can get them to replicate and send them your way.

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It is for sure happening on line 1 for this. As it isn’t a current order, please feel free to play around with this one and see what’s going on. The other lines aren’t seeming to do this but have in the past.


Hi @theid,
It looks like the component “RAWUHP05004X10B” for part “FIG53089693” is in fact a BOM. It just does not have any components.

You can remove it as a BOM under part edit.


Hi @theid it looks like engineering fixed this, it just isn’t in your environment yet. Which is why we were having a hard time reproducing it. Sorry for the confusion.


Oh good! Thanks for the follow up. I look forward to being in the right environment now haha.