closed quotes

Was wondering if there was a turn off button to keep the quotes open instead of having to go back to the drop down show closed lines to reopen them? and why do they close? also was wondering if there is a way to export files to an excel file. Any helpful information would be appreciated. Thank you

Hey Brittney,

Quotes are closed one of two ways:

  1. An order is generated from the quote (clicking commit to order), this will generate an order and close the quote out that was transitioned.
  2. Quotes are manually closed via the ‘Reconcile Quote’ feature under Quoting Tools+.

There is a way to export reports into an excel (xls file). After clicking Submit on a report you’ll see a blue hyperlink ‘Export’ button that will export that file into an excel file for you! It can be found at the top of the table report you run, and is found on a large amount of reports in Cetec ERP. I’ve included a screen shot below showing you where that export button can be found on reports:

Cetec ERP Support