Commission Data not Running

Good day. Trying to run commissions for our team and I keep getting an error and no information is being produced.{"id"%3A63%2C"vendor_id"%3A63%2C"name"%3A"Sandi+Watts+-+Commission"%2C"vennum"%3A"63"}&includePoData=false&includeCommissions=false&__sortBy__=[]&__pageIndex__=0&__pageSize__=25&__reload__=1

Keep getting a failure message. Please advise. Thank you. --Kris

Also, the “HELP” bar that used to show up on the side of CETEC pages is no longer active. It just doesn’t open to get into the HELP section. Please advise. Thank you!


I apologize for the delay on this! Are you still receiving this error? Also the help tab is only for Standard and Enterprise users now as detailed in our newsletter for the 4.12 release: Cetec ERP Version 4.12

“New Help Tab at bottom right of every screen on Cetec ERP lets you ask AI Chatbot questions and returns answers from Cetec ERP documentation (available to customers on Standard and Enterprise plans only).”

You can still access our documentation on

Please let me know if you are still having issues and I can look into them!


Cetec ERP Support

Thank you. It appears the reporting is working but no longer gives a running report # like the old version.

Can we go ahead and move our CETEC to Standard? Thank you!


We are happy to move you to the Standard support plan! Would you mind emailing so we can get this moved over? I will let them know to look out for your email.


Cetec ERP Support