Commit to Order Error "No Starting Location Found...."


I’m attempting to do a new build from stock on our internal account. It had functioned perfectly fine previously but now I’m receiving this error.

**Error:**There was a problem placing your order. Error message: Debug message: No Starting Location Found at lib/Cetec/Reboot/Schema/ResultSet/ line 60.

Thank you.

I would guess that you all are missing an OrdlineStatus entry flagged as ‘Is Primary Staging’ - that’s required as the first place that Order Lines are moved. Normally, we have a location in place called ‘Doc Control’ or ‘Pending Release’ with that flag set, and when Orders are created, the lines are placed into that Work Location. You’ll see that error if that’s not defined.

You should be able to set by going to Admin >> Maintenance >> Data Maintenance, then selecting ‘Ordline Status’ as the table you want. You can either create a new location and flag it as ‘Is Primary Staging’, or mark an existing one. If you want to get their directly, you can go to

Hope that helps!
Cetec ERP

Thank you very much for your help! Have a great day.