Completing order with partial quantity rejected

Ok but I have one more query kindly guide me about this.
We are facing issue when we complete internal order receieved in cetec. Basically, we start a production lot of 10000 piece, in final receiving, we recived only 9995 piece as accepted and 5 piece as rejected. We want that 9995 acceped piece and 5 rejected piece remain recorded in cetec. So whenever we open the order line traceability, cetec show order qunatity 10000 received as well as accepted and rejeceted quantity. Is it possible in cetec or not. kindly guide us.

Rana Muneeb


When you say recorded in Cetec, what exactly are you looking for? If you scrap a quantity on the order, it should post to your ledger/inventory relief accounts. Could you send me a sample order as well?

Thank you,
Cetec ERP Support