Config Setting Descriptions

Is there any additional info on on each config setting?

I also just noticed that “quickbooks_enabled” was recently added. What does this do?

We use quickbooks for accounting still… hard to convince them to switch, but was hoping this might help manage the two systems.

Good eye! We are in the Beta release of a QuickBooks integration with a single Customer currently, and are looking at rolling that out for broader use sometime in the first half of 2022.

That said, we have honestly struggled with how to best describe the Config settings. Some of them have reasonable descriptions, but some…don’t. Sometimes they are vague because we did a poor job describing them (many of the oldest settings are that way - they were originally only exposed internally), but some we intentionally leave somewhat vague because they have complex interactions that almost require consulting to get right.

The resource which might most be helpful to you was a class at our most recent ERPALOOZA conference. Head here - Presentations From The 2021 Cetec ERP User Conference ERP-A-Looza - and look at the slides for the class titled, ‘Customize Cloud ERP With Configuration Settings’.

Hope that helps!
Cetec ERP

It does help!

Is there anyway that i could assist with testing the quickbooks integration application?