Consignment Parts / Outsource PO not closing when completed.

I want to review this process that was provided to us by an email about a year ago for creating outsourcing PO’s. We’re seeing an issue with Step #4 from the below instructions:

What we’re noticing is that only 1 of the line items are being relieved on the Outsource PO when the Build to Stock Work Order is closed… Notice how Line Item #2 is still set to “OPEN” status. Because of this, the PO is still considered open and we’re not sure how to close it…

Below is the case in question.

Build to Stock Work order 4571.1 : (order/AE4571.1/view)
Outsource Purchase Order 4412.1: (/purchaseorder/4366/view)

Can you confirm that step #4 below works when you have multiple line items on the outsource PO?

***** Instructions provided per Support Request - Cetec ERP [#036653]**

1. Create the Prcpart for your finished cables as a BOM. Add the connector part to the cable BOM. Next, enter a “build-to-stock” work order for the Cables.

2. “Pick” the connectors out of stock onto the build-to-stock work order.

3. Attach an outsource PO to the build-to-stock work order.

-click the “outsource PO” tab on the left side-nav menu

-type in the part number of the cables you’re sourcing (should be the exact same part number that you have on the build-to-stock work order)
-type in the unit cost of the service the contractor is providing, the dock date, etc. - make sure this is at the discounted price.
-click the “lock to qty” button to lock the qty he is servicing to match the quantity on your customer sales order
-type in the vendor you’re buying the contract assembly service from
-click submit to issue the outsource PO; this will create a non-inventory “service” PO and link it to the customer sales order line item.
(this will generate A/P with that vendor ultimately…)

-here’s a video tutorial on outsourcing. It uses the example of a build-to-stock work order; but, the same concepts apply to end-customer work orders - [

4. Complete/receive the build-to-stock work order

-when the finished cables get back to you, complete/receive the build-to-stock work order linked to the outsource PO.

-this will ultimately relieve the connectors from stock and increase the finished cables into finished product stock.

Good Afternoon Regis,

So when looking at the Outsource PO (/purchaseorder/4366/view) line #1 shows as being created from order 4571.1 Line: 1 NOSI: 1. However, looking at line #2 this line was not created from an order so it would not close out when the order 4571.1-1 was closed.

Now if line #2 was created via the ‘Outsource PO’ section on the workorder screen it would have a source order. Meaning it would close out once that source order was closed.

Hope this helps your understanding of the Outsource PO feature. Let us know if you have any questions.

Best Regards,

Got it. Updated the workflow to create the outsource PO from the Build order. Now, We’re noticing on the outsource PO’s, there is no way to perform “receiving inspection” upon return of the outsourced part.

  1. this would allow us to capture vendor performance info.
  2. keep the same incoming /receiving work flow …

Is there a way to use the “receiving” process for outsourced POs?


  1. how do we capture vendor performance based on the outsource PO? there doesn’t seem to be a way to receive these parts…

See example we created this “build order” (/order/AE5208.1/view) to make parts. The parts will be mfg by vendor in which we’re also providing consignment parts to them via an “outsource PO”… (/purchaseorder/5026/view)

When vendor is done with making the parts for us, we want to receive it in and if there is an issue with the parts, failure upon receipt can be captured in that vendor’s metrics. Currently, this doesn’t happen…