Consuming fractional Quantities

on WO# 8896.1 (…/otd/order/11108/pick_parts) , i’d like to consume 5 containers (on BOM As SUP002673-1) to hold the 70 pieces of Finished goods (DIE001493-1). When i add this to the BOM, I have to enter the ratio of 5/70 (ie. 0.07142857142857…) in order to accurately pick the 5 containers. When i use this fractional amount, the qty be picked comes out to be 4.9999999. Is there a way to dis-associate the BOM line item part Qty with the qty of finished goods, so that i can just say that i need “5” of these containers?

or is there a way to “round” the container qty of a line item to an integer value?

In this case we edit the order specific BoM and set our Qty per top to 0, and then put the full Qty in the Scrap Adder field (not Scrap Factor which scales per finished part)

Hope that helps

thanks for the suggestion. Let me give this a try…