Cost Center not Transferring in PO

I pulled a list of PO’s by cost center, but one PO that should have showed up did not. I went into the PO and PQuote, and the cost center was present. I searched for the PO by component under ‘Purchase Order’, and the cost center was blank. Can you provide assistance to fix this issue? This causes concerns when invoicing clients.

Hi @elizabetha,

When we go to your PO list currently that PO does show a cost center set:
Screen Shot 2022-01-09 at 8.15.20 AM

Wondering if maybe there’s a timing issue that could be at play here. Like did you change the cost center for that PO line, and then immediately try to run the PO list? Some reports in Cetec used cached data for performance reasons, and if that is the case here then maybe your changes hadn’t been updated in the cached data the report was using.

Let us know if you have any questions, or additional details that might be helpful in identifying why you weren’t seeing that cost center there previously. Thanks!