Cost Center on Parts by Warehouse report


I am trying to use the part List to track my inventory since it has the cost center as part of its outputs. However, we need to filter by warehouse and this report does not have that option/filter. The Parts by Warehouse report can filter, but it does not have the cost center. Is there a report that has both of these functionalities that we can access easily? Is it possible to add cost ceter as a possible column to view int he parts by warehouse (or part by warehouse alternate) report?



This would be something I would need to ask engineering for an estimate for. Do you want me to get a quote for you?


Cetec ERP Support

No, that is ok for now. I take it there no other way to get warehouse and cost center information in the same inventory report?



Unfortunately yes there isn’t a way I can see to have the warehouse data and the cost center info in the same inventory report.