Cost Rollup for Subassemblies with outside processing


I am trying to follow the logic of cost rollups and need some help. I have a subassembly MED001048-2, that takes a RAW003625-1 part and converts it on an outside processing order. I want to make sure the cost of both the raw part and the cost of the outside processing is included in the total cost of the part in the next higher level assembly. I can’t seem to confirm if this is happening.


Just to clarify, are you concerned about estimated costs or actual costs?

If you’re talking about estimated costs, you can input the time in the outside processing portion of the labor plan that would equate to the cost of that outsourced labor. For more info: How to Create a Labor Plan (Traveler) in Cetec ERP - YouTube

This tutorial goes over the outsource PO process in Cetec, in case that’s helpful: Order Processing in Cetec ERP - Outsource PO - YouTube

Let us know if you have further questions/clarifications.


The actual cost is qhat I am concerned with. After watching the video I think I see the issue now, we are creating outsourcing PO’s but not associated a new PRC/part number with the service, so the cost doesn’t rollup as part of the BOM, is that correct?

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