Create new user templates

We continue to add new users who share the same permission sets as others already in our system. It would be nice if there was the option to “copy” one user’s permissions to another.

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We don’t have that functionality. What we do have, which may be useful in accomplishing this for you, is the ability to create a “Parent” role, to which you’re able to assign a set of other roles. That would make it so that, for these new users, you’re able to just set the one parent role, and all the child roles will be automatically added.

Please note that there is some potential here for creating major access issues, and it would definitely be worth taking the time to familiarize yourself with our “User Roles & Restrictions” and “User Access Control & Customized Roles” before you attempt to set up a parent role like this.

Once you feel comfortable and prepared to tackle it, you can navigate to Admin > Maintenance > Data Maintenance and search for Role. You’ll create a new record for the parent role, and then add the IDs of the children to the Parent ID box for the new parent role.

Let us know if you have any other questions about that. Hopefully that helps accomplish what you’re looking for.