Create template for new check stock

I need to change the current template for check printing. We are switching banks and I want to change to a new check stock, but I can’t figure out how to change the template used for check printing… Please help!

Hi Paul,

The only built in editing we have for the check template is a config called “Check Format” that is used to control the position of the check on the page (top, middle, or bottom). There’s also one to adjust the vertical position of the MICR numbers, “check_micr_level”, but this should only be used if absolutely necessary, and used is very small increments to get it dialed in like “.1” or “-.1” depending on which way it needs to move.

There are also some settings to override the bank information printed to the check, but this would normally just get pulled from the bank info entered in the account directly and typically doesn’t need to be edited.

Any customization desired beyond those would require editing the “Check PDF” custom doc. If you’ve got someone familiar with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Template Toolkit in house then they should be able to make those edits. Otherwise, reach out to and we can get you a quote to make those custom doc edits.

Thank You. I will contact you again if I have further questions… Just this helps a lot! Simply being able to move the check to the top will be a great help.