Credit Card /Blue Pay Implementation Test

I have two situations that arose from the Credit Card Blue Pay system we are trying to implement:

  1. We processed in TEST mode invoice 7216.1 using the new CC system with Blue Pay. It was declined. We actually processed it many times trying to figure out why it kept being declined, so the ledger entries for the payment 49215 has many things on it. My problem is that this payment is at $0 because it never actually worked…it was always declined, but the ledger shows an entry which is causing my GL to be off. Other than deleting this ledger or possibly deleting the payment, I am not sure why it even has a ledger entry since it should have never taken and the payment is showing $0.

  2. On this situation, we did a prepayment for invoice 7235.1-2. The prepayment created a payment 49236 where it created the unapplied cash. Then we invoiced the order and it created a payment 49237 where it took the invoice and the unapplied cash with a zero dollar payment and deposit. Now here is where things went awry: First, the prepayment created the unapplied cash as an overpayment and put it into GL 114000 (which is where overpayments are mapped), but then when it created the payment to use the unapplied cash, it used the GL 207000 which is where unapplied cash is taken from. Mapping is correct, but if these two things are supposed to work together, they need to be using the same GL. Second, the payment created, 49237, did not close the payment, so it still had “Payment Complete” open. You cannot see it in the system, but I have all the print outs I took throughout the process. Because we do not have any “payment completes” open on deposits, I submitted to complete the payment which made it delete all unapplied cash and the invoice off the payment. :frowning: When I try to put them back on, it tells me that the payment is out of balance, so I put unapplied cash to the cost center that the invoice is to and it still tells me it is out of balance. I am not sure how to get this one fixed now… But the bigger issue is that when it creates the payment, it does not close the payment and leaves the payment complete open.

We are afraid to move forward testing it since we want to have traceability on any GL mess ups. The only reason I caught the first problem was that it happened to be month end and I checked my AR Validation Report and even then I had to search to see what could have caused it.

Good Afternoon Robin!

We apologize about the inconvenience with these issues you are seeing. Let us take a look into the Blue Pay System and run a few tests on this. We will take a look at these payments and the prepayment in the second situation you mentioned. We will get back to you as soon as we have an update.

Best Regards,
Cetec Support