credit memo discrepancies

I’m trying to find out why an A/R payment based on RMA’s is not pointed to the correct credit memos

emphasized text</arpayment/355/edit>

The credit memos referenced here are 1953- 1959 but when I print the PDF report, it references 1138-1144. I’d like the report to show Credit memos 1953 - 1959…

Interesting, not sure why that would be happening.
Let us take this to our engineering team and see if they can correct this for you.


thank you.

Any fix yet? A customer of ours is requesting these credit memos and i want to make sure i send them the correct ones…


Our engineering team is currently reviewing this. We’ll try to update you about it ASAP.
Is there a specific deadline you need to hit to be able to send that payment PDF out?

they’ve sent a couple of request emails (latest one today), and I wanted to provide them with the correct memos…

This should be fixed and deployed to your environment now.
Let us know if you need anything else!