Currency Issues in export uninvoices

Dear Sir,
I have been auditing the previous invoices of receivable which were uninvoiced.l saw in reversal entry of uninvoice in which the converted amount of Dollar into PKR of invoice are taken as dollar amount and which causes disruption in receivable head and receivable are negative in hundred of millions.Similarly if we update any entry first cetec will not allow it and if it allow it then it will considered the cost of sales and inventory amount which were in PKR before taken into Dollar which causes the inventory and cost of sales amount out by millions of amount.Similarly when we done any changes in amounts of export and import invoices the PKR amount of foreign exchane gain or loss are taken as Dollar and when this Dollar amount is multiplied by the rate of PKR it causes the disturbance in foreign exchange gain or loss head by millions of amount.Kindly resolve this currency issue or guide us how can we resolve this issue so that our financial statements give true and fair view in all material aspects.Thanks

Dear Rana,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention! We appologize about the inconvenience this is causing. Let us look into this and we will get you an update on the issue as soon as we can.


Dear Rana,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. We have been testing this on an internal instance and have not be able to reproduce the issue you are mentioning. Would you mind giving us a specific invoice where this has occurred so we can investigate further.

Kind Regards,