Customer Booking Issue


We were reviewing our order bookings and we found possibly a bug. For one order and one line number, upto 3 entries are being created for 3 different customers in order bookings.

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That is odd, and we’d love to investigate this further with you.
To take a recent example, Do you know what changes were made to the order in the attached screenshot at the listed time?

Interestingly, if you click each customer name there, they all take you to the same customer record. Do you know if anything on the customer record was changed/edited recently?

@asad After some additional digging here, we believe the issue is related to the customer numbers for those listed customers.

In all the cases we could find, if you go to the customer record for each of the customers that has a duplicate of the same booking entry, the customer number looks to be the same. Customer Number should be a unique identifier for each customer record, though we don’t explicitly prevent you from having 2 customers with the same number.

To correct this, you’ll want to edit each customer that has a duplicate booking entry and give them a unique customer number. You might consider using the customer ID (displayed in the URL of the customer record page) as that is already a unique identifier for each customer record, so there’s no danger of two customer numbers matching if their customer number is the same as customer ID.

Alternately, we’re not currently aware of the matching numbers creating any issues anywhere else in the system besides this bookings report, so if you have a specific reason for the numbers to be what they are then you could leave them be, and just know that the bookings report will show a duplicated line for each customer with the same number as the customer for the order.


Someone probably made an error and put same customer number.
How do I edit customer number?

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I mistakenly thought that the customer number was editable but it does not appear it that it is. Are these customers created through our API? I’m trying to nail down how these were created with the same number as well as get these numbers updated for you.

Do you have a preference on the number? Typically we like to keep it consistent with the ID of the customer.

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Number mattered in our previous system but now you can reset the numbers and assign new unique numbers.