Customer credit

Is there a feature that would allow you to tag a customer as ok to ship/invoice even though that customer may have an outstanding invoice past terms in your AR system? For example, if that company has even a small balance past terms, any new invoices are (appropriately) flagged each time so you have to manually ok each order shipping to that customer. Just wondering if there is a bypass you can use in certain specific situations to allow shipments to go out to that specific customer until further notice. Thanks!

@steve There is! Admins and Accounting Admins are able ignore credit hold on an order via a checkbox in the order header: Can you invoice an order for a customer that is on credit hold?

Cetec ERP

Yes, I use the order header edit you mention, but was looking for another override so I can flag a particular customer ok to ship to even though there may be for example a minor issue with an old invoice outstanding, etc., versus ok’ing/having an issue with each order that comes through. Thanks!

Gotcha. In that case, yes. You’d do so by changing the terms code on the customer record, and also updating the terms on any open invoices that are/will cause the customer to go in to a credit hold, to a terms code that doesn’t have a “hold at x days” value set.