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As I work towards cleaning up how Cetec was setup for our business before and how it should be setup… could you please advise how the system default GL 21400 Customer Deposits is utilized in our system?

Hello Sherri,
In your GL Transaction Mappings (Admin>>Config Settings>>GL Transaction Mappings>>AR Payment), the mapping for “Customer Unapplied Cash, Credit Prepaid to” is set to default to 214000 Customer Deposits, seen here in your environment: Cetec ERP
(hoping the screenshots will be visible this time…)

The kinds of transactions that will have a credit post to account 214000 Customer Deposits are typically Unapplied Cash objects created when a deposit from a customer is not fully applied to an existing Invoice due from the customer, or simply an overpayment, or a Pre-Payment on a Sales Order. Another setting that would post a credit to account 214000 Customer Deposits are those created by deferring revenue when receiving payment from a customer on a Progress Billing. That setting can be found by navigating to Admin » Config Settings » G/L Transaction Settings » Progress Invoice, seen here in your environment: Cetec ERP
(another stab at a screenshot!)

Is this helpful to you in answer to your question? If not, please let us know. Hope you are having a good week!

CETEC ERP Customer Support

Yes, screenshots are working great! Thank you for the assistance! This will help determine if we want this to continue to be mapped this way for our newly started fiscal year.

You’re welcome! Let us know if we can be of further help.
CETEC ERP Customer Support

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