Customer List - Sales Period / Latest Invoice

We are trying to get a list of customers who have not purchased from us in a certain period of time. If we go to Customer List (new version) and populate the Sales Period fields - the screen comes back blank (no selection fields - just says “Customer List”).

If we use the old version of the screen and put in the date range, it just pulls all customers (even if they don’t have sales in the period specified).

What we’d really like is to see if we can get the value from “Latest Invoice” on the list of columns so then we can export and review the data.

(Also, it looks like the new version of the screen doesn’t allow you to +/- columns and just defaults to showing all available columns on the screen.)

@robinl I’ll address each of those in order:

  1. It does seem like the filtering here isn’t working the way we’d expect. Let us do some testing and take this to our engineers, and see if we can get the sale in period to function as we’d expect.
  2. Probably a non-starter here. We can check with the development team about it, but adding that column would likely create a fair bit of behind the scenes calculation that might lead to a performance problem, and we try to avoid adding things that cause a negative impact like that.
  3. You can add/remove columns on the new list. At the bottom of the list there’s a “Column Visibility” button. Clicking that will give you the column list where you can show/hide the desired columns. Unfortunately there’s no way for us to set columns based on what would have been selected on the old list, as it’s stored per user. But you should only have to set the columns on the first use and that preference will be remembered in subsequent uses.

We’ll talk to our engineers about the Sales in Period filtering here, and update you once we’ve heard back from them.

@robinl So it turns out that “Sales in Period” isn’t a filter, but rather will add a column to the customer list to show sales within the specified date range.

There does still seem to be an issue here with the new customer list, but it does work on the old version. You may have to ±Columns to show the column after setting the date range.

Combine that with exporting and a little spreadsheet magic, and it should be pretty easy to find which customers do/n’t have sales in that range.

We’re going to continue working on the issue with the new customer list, but using the old version and the date range there should get you what you need for your original goal.