Customer Order TRANS CODE

Good afternoon - the default TRANS CODE is “Build” on customer order entry - can this be changed to “Stock” as default? Being a non-manufacturing company, this is odd for us.

Hey Justice,

It sounds like you’re wanting to have a trans code of ‘Stock’ set as a default for all orders that are created? There is a config setting that can be set which defaults new quote lines to either ‘Build’, ‘Stock’, or ‘Charge’.

Have an admin user navigate to the config settings page, type transcode into the Name field, and set the Quote Default Transcode setting field accordingly. It’ll include what to input value wise for Stock transcode. Click set and new quote lines from that point going forward will default to a STOCK transcode. This will not impact quotes/orders that have already been generated… those changes will only be seen after making that config setting change.

Let me know if you have any other questions on this!
Cetec ERP Support

Awesome - TY for the fast reply. In fact the Quote Default Code was SN - but the “Quote Default Transcode Global” was empty. Fixed now.