Customer part numbers autopopulating from PRCpart again

you guys have fixed this once but customer part numbers auto populating. See link

Hi Joe,

Thanks for reaching out. We will look into this and update you shortly.


Joe, we’ve been unable to reproduce the issue on our end. We’ve had multiple techs try adding components multiple ways and none of them have caused a customer part number to appear.

We want to continue working on this for you, but in order to do so can you walk us through step by step what was done so we can make sure we’re mirroring the process?


I don’t know what the process was. I just know they keep appearing.

Please look at old ticket #046850. Same issue is happening again. You guys solved it then.

Also, the cust part field is displaying info it shouldnt be. like costing (sourcing notes) info. take a look at this bom work sheet.