Customer Satisfaction Cases


How do we use the Work List and Create Order section in Customer Satisfaction Cases?

How can we link an RMA or NCR to the cases?



Thanks for reaching out. I’m going to go from what I think you’re asking, but correct me if I got it wrong. This is a good place to start for information:

  1. You’re asking how to use the Work List. I think you mean the workflow menu in the top right. Is that correct? This one?

In this workflow menu, you’re logging what stage of work the customer satisfaction case is currently in and who’s handling it. So, for example, if the case is closed (everything’s been responded to and resolved with the customer), and it was handled by Sally Jones, she would pick her name, Sally Jones, from the drop-down menu to the left of the To Case Closed button and then hit that button. This would move the customer satisfaction case to Case Closed status and assign it to her.

  1. To create a new customer satisfaction case, click on Sales>Customers>Satisfaction Cases. Click the blue Create button. Then, in the text field that appears, click the name of the customer and then click Create.

  2. There is not a specific way to link an RMA or an NCR to a customer satisfaction case. One workaround would be to create a note in the customer satisfaction case (Notes on the lefthand side of the screen) and copy the link for RMA or NCR there.

Let us know if you need further help on this and enjoy your day,
Cetec ERP Support