Customer Supplied Part

I would like to better understand the customer supplied functionality within Cetec.

If a user checks the customer supplied box on a WO BOM, how will they:

  1. know (without checking each WO BOM) when they need to get the customer supplied part when they are ready for production?
  2. receive the parts from the customer so Cetec has them for kitting?
  3. issue the parts to the kit so it can be completed?

Hey David,

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Regarding the questions you have on the customer supplied checkbox functionality within Cetec let me coordinate with the team and see what information I can get. I’ll send that over as soon as I can.

Cetec ERP Support

Hey David below are the answers that I’ve gotten for your questions:

  1. It should show on MRP with a color/highlight of purple indicating that the “demand signal” has that customer supplied box flagged for that particular BOM component line.

  2. They would go from MRP and actually issue a vendor PO… but to the customer (maybe at $0.00) at the requested date (dock date), and the customer should ship them potentially with a packing slip… then, at receiving, the receiving clerk sees that it’s a packing slip from a customer (not a vendor). They can actually input the customer name into a FIFO bonus column, or just show the customer name (which was the “vendor” on the PO being received) on the receipt label. The nice part about putting customer name into a FIFO bonus column, is then that customer name can show at the bin level anywhere they need it to…

  3. Just pick the parts (which are in inventory at zero cost) onto a work order kit just like any other assembly work order.

Let me know if you have any other questions!
Cetec ERP Support