Cycle Count Inconsistent


I am attempting to set up my inventory count process with my warehouse and I have found that I am able to create a cycle count that is filtered by one of my Bonus Columns I have created “Part Category” which is very helpful.
My only issue is that I do not have the option filter the count by my other Bonus Column “Part Type” which I need to do in order to generate the reports that I need my employees using.

How do I get my other Part Record Bonus Column to appear on the cycle count?
Also, why can I not see my Bonus Columns as an available +/- column on the actual count report that I could then sort by? It seems that if you were able to filter the report by that bonus column, I should be able to access it as a column on the report itself.


Could you provide a response please? I could use assistance with this issue


Sorry for the delayed response. The part bonus columns have been fixed and the fix will be implemented in the next release.

The bonus columns aren’t currently designed to be filters in the cycle counts but I have passed that on to engineering for future consideration.

Let us know if you have more questions.


Thanks so much for fixing the bonus column filters on the cycle count setup.

I really need the ability to sort and filter by my bonus columns on the actual Cycle Count data entry page. The reason i need this is because I am exporting the generated report to create a single sheet count sheet that needs to be sorted by my SubCategory assignments for ease of counting. This sheet then needs to match the data entry list for ease of entry, otherwise my manager is hunting for the parts he needs to update as the sheet does not match the sorting order of the data entry report in CETEC.

My need:
Filter and Sort by my Bonus Columns in the generated CYCLE COUNT data entry report.

When could this happen by?