Cycle Count Process questions

We are creating a daily cycle count process to run out of Cetec. The process will consist of 5 parts being generated by the system and counted daily. When I create the 5 part count in the system for testing purposes, it continually generates the same 5 parts. Please see screenshot of what the system is generating. Is this a glitch in the system that is causing this, or is there a system setting that needs to be switched?

Also, is there a way for a cycle count history report to be generated from within the system to show inventory trends?

How many of your parts fit in the parameters of the count that you’ve set up? Or what parameters are you using when creating the cycle count?

Also, do any of the parts that could be included currently show as having 0 QOH? Because the system will not include those in the cycle count.

As far as reporting, currently the only thing we have available is to export the list of completed cycle counts, and the you could probably do some creative spreadsheet work to track trends. There may be a different report in the system that could be used here as well, depending on exactly what data you’re trying to keep track of.