Daily Invoicing showing -0- cost on widget


cost is still showing 0 on invoices

I really need help getting this fixed.


I looked at this and I am seeing issues with how the Invoice List is totaling the cost column (which could potentially affect the widget as well), and I’m going to escalate this to our product management team.

Have you seen the GM% showing as 0 on the widget before? I ask because, since we are just coming off of a weekend, I would think that the GM% for the Today and Yesterday lines would be expected to show as 0 today. But if you’ve seen this showing as 0 on another day of the week, something might be off.

I’ll keep you updated,
Cetec ERP Support

This started last week - we have never had prior issues.

Invoiced a few - still -0- cost values

Todays invoicing appears to have cost applied on the widget - but not yesterdays

I apologize for the delay. I just looked into the notes made by our product management team, and it looks like as of last Thursday 11/2, they’ve created a fix for the issue and I would expect you to see that on your end this week sometime.

I just went in to look at that widget and see if I’m seeing the update, but unfortunately, I’m looking at it on a Monday again! So the Today and Yesterday values would be expected to show as $0.

If you’re still running into issues by the end of this week, please reply and let us know.

I appreciate your patience as we get this up and running for you,
Cetec ERP Support