Are there any plans to add additional standard reports for inventory? the Executive Dashboard and Pulse Dashboards (Admin/Dashboards/Executive Dashboard and Admin/Dashboards/Pulse Dashboard) have a nice mix of reports.

One thing we (any many businesses) are interested in looking at are trend lines over time for inventory as well as inventory turns over time.

While it is a relatively straight forward task to manually export the data and create my own trendline report overtime in Excel, it would be preferable to have the report native to Cetec.

The Inventory Pie chart snapshot in time could be a stacked bar chart at end of month over time instead, for instance, to provide businesses with a lot more meaningful insights.


@Greg We can certainly pass along your suggestions to our product team.

Can you elaborate what sort of reports/graphs you’re looking for? What data are you trying to track?

These graphs are on the “Pulse” dashboard. They offer a snapshot in time.

It would be good to have Turns Per Year as a line graph so we can see trends over time–is there seasonality in the data, how are the inventory turns changing over time–and Inventory as a stacked bar graph so we can see trends over time–how is the mix of inventory changing over time in addition to trends in total inventory value over time.

At least the last 12 months, 18 to 24 months may be even better, again to see seasonality or project lifecycles.

Can the same inventory data be forecast forward based on current POs (to vendors and from customers) in the system? I see the cash in/out forecasts already looks forward and are present in the dashboard, so it seems reasonable to include.

Thanks for the suggestions, we’ll definitely pass those along.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that we do have a BI platform that can be leveraged to do all sorts of customizable reporting and create custom dashboards using your data from Cetec. You can find out more about that here, and can reach out to sales@cetecerp.com if you want to set up a demo of it: Cetec ERP BI Platform

Thank you @cetecerp13 I’ve reached out to Sales to get more info on the BI platform. we’re not terribly transaction heavy, so it will be interesting to see what the BI platform might offer beyond the pulse/executive dashboards for our business.

@Greg, not sure if this is still of interest to you, but our development team did give us an estimate on implementing some of those changes to the pulse dashboard.

3hrs - store historical data and modify graph to a line/plot

5hrs - to include the forward based projections into the graph (to calculate, store, and display)

Even if you’re not looking to expedite the development of those items, there’s a chance they may still make it in to the software at some point down the line (no specific time frame available). But if you do want to make sure it happens sooner rather than later you can reach out to Sales and the can make sure these get added to the queue for prioritized development.