Data Import Bonus Columns

I’m trying to update my PRCParts with our industry specific information and identifiers we’ve created in bonus columns through the Data Import but it doesn’t show up as a dropdown when I load in the file to do the data import.

Has anyone had any successful experience with doing a data import of bonus columns to update PRC records?

Hi Spencer, welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately we don’t have a way to include bonus columns when importing parts currently.
We do have plans to include this is the future, but no definite timeline for that currently.

For now, you’ll have to make it part of your internal processes to make sure and go set those bonus columns manually after the initial part import.


Thanks for the reply!
This is a really limiting function as we need this information to be able to adapt and be agile in our industry as far as our metric tracking and it would be super helpful if we could get an idea of what that timeline looks like.

Understood, unfortunately we can’t provide any sort of timeline. It’s on a list of planned future developments, but nothing definitive.

If desired, we can talk to the development team to see about how much it would cost to expedite the development of this feature for you. If you want to pursue that, reach out to and we can contact you directly with a quote.

Otherwise, currently, editing the bonus column data at the time of part creation is the best option we have available.