Date Code Format

We are looking for more info on date code formats in Cetec when receiving materials / parts. The current format appears to be the attached 4 digit number generated. Can other formats be used and how would we go about doing this? Does this effect any previous data or will this cause any issues?


@nathanfki Iformation about valid date codes can be found here:

Without seeing the specific part record/receipt from your screenshot, I would think that those specific date codes are using YYWW (year year week week). So:
2036 = Aug. 31, 2020 - Sep. 6, 2020
2046 = Nov. 9, 2020 - Nov. 15, 2020

Thank you for the link to the valid date codes page that was helpful.
However, when I go into Admin settings> Date_Code_ formats and type the desired code “YYYYMMDD (becomes 2000-01-01)” I do not see the change when receiving product from a PO, it still seems to try and use the old date code format of YYWW (2121).

We have two goals with changing the date code format.

  1. when receiving material we want the date code to be populated automatically going forward so that there is no user error or forgetting to enter the code.
  2. after parts are completed from a build order we want to have a date code that we can easily identify and needs to be down to the day.

Anyone able to help with this?
Thank you