Date Code Format

We are looking for more info on date code formats in Cetec when receiving materials / parts. The current format appears to be the attached 4 digit number generated. Can other formats be used and how would we go about doing this? Does this effect any previous data or will this cause any issues?


@nathanfki Information about valid date codes can be found here:

Without seeing the specific part record/receipt from your screenshot, I would think that those specific date codes are using YYWW (year year week week). So:
2036 = Aug. 31, 2020 - Sep. 6, 2020
2046 = Nov. 9, 2020 - Nov. 15, 2020

Thank you for the link to the valid date codes page that was helpful.
However, when I go into Admin settings> Date_Code_ formats and type the desired code “YYYYMMDD (becomes 2000-01-01)” I do not see the change when receiving product from a PO, it still seems to try and use the old date code format of YYWW (2121).

We have two goals with changing the date code format.

  1. when receiving material we want the date code to be populated automatically going forward so that there is no user error or forgetting to enter the code.
  2. after parts are completed from a build order we want to have a date code that we can easily identify and needs to be down to the day.

Anyone able to help with this?
Thank you

I’m having the same issue. I’ve got the format working half-way correct for PO receiving, although it overwrites back to the YYWW format any time I change a PO line number on the receiving screen. I still can’t figure out how to get it set properly for internal work order completion.

Your response to this earlier must’ve gotten lost in the shuffle somewhere, sorry about that. We’re looking in to why the date code on the receiving screen doesn’t seem to be changing, and we’ll let you know as soon as we can.

@aeromorrison The original issue, which we are currently looking in to, was about the Receiving screen for external POs.

Where are you trying to set the date code for your statement “I still can’t figure out how to get it set properly for internal work order completion.”? Just want to make sure we’re looking at the appropriate screen and not talking about two different things.


Thanks for the question. I guess it could be two separate issues manifesting the same way based on how they may be configured.

Issue 1: The configured date codes get overwritten on external POs when selecting a PO line item.

Issue 2: Internal work orders seem to set the YYWW format for the date code and I can’t find a way to configure these at all.

I guess it would be nice to have a system-wide default date code format. Then if the more specific options that could be set to override the default when needed. I actually would just like the same (configurable) date code everywhere in the system regardless of whether internal or externally produced. I’m sure some may wish to configure each use case.

@nathanfki Some follow up here for you:

TLDR: You currently cannot change the Date Code on the receiving screen.

  • More specifically: The “date_code_formats” config only applies to outgoing product (something you’ve built and need to assign a date code). This can further be specified at a customer level, or even a specific part level.
  • The “Default Date Code On Receiving Screen” configs are there to determine whether or not you want to use the system default date code (YYWW) on the receiving screen. This config is essentially a Yes/No flag; a value of 1=Yes, use the default date code, 0=No, do not use it. We’re going to update the description of that config to clarify it.
  • As mentioned before, we do not currently have a way to change the default Date Code on the receiving screen. You can set the “Default Date Code On Receiving Screen” config to 0, and then manually enter the date codes, But if you have that config set to 1 it will use YYWW.

@aeromorrison See the above response for more info here.

The “date_code_formats” config should be controlling the date code on your outgoing products. If that doesn’t seem to be working, can you provide us some screenshots or links to where you’re seeing it in your environment that it doesn’t seem to be working?


I’ve searched the entire list of 648 config settings and I can’t find one called “date_code_formats”. I did a show all to get the whole list and used the name search at the top. I also just did a text search in my browser with the full list showing. The string “date” appears 71 times in configuration settings but none match “date_code_formats”. The closest matches seem to be “Default Date Code On Receiving Screen” and “Default Date Code On Receiving Screen-MN”

What am I missing?

It should be there now.

Sometimes config settings aren’t listed until the first time they’re used by a page in the system. In this case I went to your internal customer record, toggled the date code format dropdown to trigger the system to check that config (and made sure to toggle it back afterward), and that made it so that the “date_code_formats” config was available.

Great! I’ll go check it out.

Thank you!